Sports Prediction Crypto Game – Sports Funding

Sports Prediction Crypto Game

Bazooka is an explosive crypto token in sports - a sports prediction game you can play for free.

Sports Leagues

Bazooka is your amateur sports club funding solution. Providing a free alternative to traditional sports sponsorships - where you can generate revenue through a fun collaborative effort.

Bazooka Amateur Sports Sponsorships

Bazooka offers an alternative to centrally issued cashback, stable coins and reward programs.

Bazooka sports token

Bazooka provides decentralized credit - multiple parties accepting mutual credit creates prosperity.

Bazooka is a consumer focused, fair launched DeFi Token Protocol.

Three unique functions
occur during each trade:
Reflection -
5% is reflected
to all holders for passive income

LP Acquisition -
5% is added to a liquidity pool

Burn -
A burn wallet receives a portion
of the reflections to never
to be seen again.

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