BAZOOKA White Paper

Innovative Sports Crypto . Fantasy Sports Pool.

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Legal Disclaimer



Crypto rewards are neither mainstream, recorded nor recognized yet.

Rise of the use of crypto in an Increasingly Digital World

BAZOOKA Solution


-Proof of Authority Blockchain

-Flow of User Data Sharing

-Connecting User Data with Sponsors


-Token Features

-BAZOOKA Gamification

-BAZOOKA Social and Gaming Functions

Use of Funds

Team, Advisors, and Investors

Road Map

Legal Disclaimer.

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and require a high degree of familiarity with distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies to comprehend Tokens and
associated risks. Readers of this document are encouraged to seek external advice and are solely
responsible for making their own assessment of the matters herein, including assessing risks and
consulting technical and professional advisors.


BAZOOKA REWARDS, token and apps allow its users generate cryptocurrency through proof of “use” and
other behaviour. All that is required is a smart phone with an internal app and
commitment to the reward program by using the website, app or service.

Users earn cryptocurrency by using the website, app, services, and other activities related to the reward program(s). Additionally users can connect various devices to the app. Beta version of the app will be available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. Earned cryptocurrency can be exchanged for
rewards and discounts in BAZOOKA marketplace that will include products and services from various
consumer and B2B facing brands and companies.

BAZOOKA also helps consumers get recognized and paid for their purchases and behaviour. BAZOOKA
developed a proprietary protocol focused on rewards and is in discussions with several potential
partners to join its efforts to motivate and reward partner constituents including employees
and customers for their behaviour and activities.

BAZOOKA app will also be compatible with many third party fitness and devices
and is finalizing integration with them to get rewards for joining BAZOOKA.


Crypto rewards are neither mainstream, recorded nor recognized. Hundreds of millions of people generate economic value through purchases every single day, but it’s neither recorded nor recognized anywhere. BAZOOKA enables people to be both rewarded for their activities and motivated for new behaviour.

Cryptos are experiencing unprecedented growth and are expected to explode in the next years. But the
crypto reward and crypto gift card field is limited in its market penetration.

BAZOOKA Solution.

Incorporating the BAZOOKA Reward program and the BAZOOKA crypto gift card. Both are available now on website and Beta version of the app will be available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. Earned cryptocurrency can be exchanged for rewards and discounts in BAZOOKA marketplace that will include products and services from various consumer facing brands and manufacturing companies.

BAZOOKA also helps consumers get recognized and paid for their data and purchase behaviour. BAZOOKA is in discussions with several potential partners to join its reward program to motivate and reward partner constituents including employees and customers for their  behaviour.

BAZOOKA branded reward technology will be available at affordable prices while providing cutting
edge functionality.

BAZOOKA app will be compatible with many third party apps  to allow everyone to get rewarded by joining

BAZOOKA will allow the users of the 3rd party apps to integrate with our platform in order to monetize and
protect their data. The BAZOOKA platform, leveraging the underlying application protocol, will take the
concept applied by 3rd parties and further expand upon the opportunity to provide a more interoperable
framework and open data sharing environment. The cryptoeconomics of the BAZOOKA platform will both
remunerate individual in the native token as well as incentivize providers and organizations to participate in the BAZOOKA ecosystem and distributed data marketplace. BAZOOKA will utilize advanced encryption methods that underpin many cryptocurrency transaction mechanics to maintain maximum privacy as well as providing verifiableauthenticity and integrity of information immutably stored on the blockchain.

Rather than relying on interoperability between systems and records, BAZOOKA establishes an open and secure data pool that functions as a single repository for customers and providers to interact with each other, driven by the BAZOOKA token. Increased participation and integration from providers and customers will forge greater network effects of the BAZOOKA platform, accelerate the growth of the incentive system, and contribute to a vast, universal data marketplace.

There is a huge need for a crypto reward program (including monetization) of users’ behaviour on apps and devices. In turn, device manufacturers, app developers, employers and data consumers
need an independent, intermediary platform. BAZOOKA fills this need.

BAZOOKA Protocol creates a connection between companies and users. By utilizing
BAZOOKA tokens, BAZOOKA incentivizes and compensates for the development and launch of product and services. Corporations, employers, retailers, and manufacturers
(sponsors) can also participate in monetization of such applications and devices by investing in their
development to receive a percentage of future earnings from these devices and applications both in
cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and BAZOOKA tokens.

BAZOOKA Platform Users: Can earn BAZOOKA tokens from their participation that can also be staked or
converted into BAZOOKA tokens.

Data Consumers: Can purchase and send gift cards by buying BAZOOKA tokens on the market and converting them into BAZOOKA tokens through BAZOOKA bridge.

Employers, Corporations and Oganizations, and Other B2B Users: Can participate in the BAZOOKA platform through purchasing BAZOOKA tokens (BAZOOKA tokens will be frozen for a period of 12 months in the process).

The fundamental unit of value within the BAZOOKA system is the BAZOOKA Coin token (“token”). Tokens provide inflationary-resistant digital value within the BAZOOKA system. The BAZOOKA token will be derived from a standard Ethereum ERC20 token with 5% burn and 5% tax fee and will be tradable on exchanges.

Token Features
The BAZOOKA token is used for multiple features within the BAZOOKA platform:

Form of Payment
BAZOOKA tokens will serve as the main means of payment within the system, although we will accept and
use other types of fiat and/or cryptocurrencies.

Currency Exchange
BAZOOKA tokens will support price determination for BAZOOKA services. The system will take a fee in BAZOOKA
tokens and some premium features will be available only by using BAZOOKA tokens.

Social and Gaming Functions
The BAZOOKA token also acts as an “in-game” token, and participants in the BAZOOKA ecosystem earn tokens for certain actions. Also, network members can use the token to unlock network resources such as
resources for customers, and data and analytics resources for enterprise clients and partners. We intend to create strong community connections between the different parties in the reward program.

BAZOOKA Gamification.
The BAZOOKA platform will award BAZOOKA token holders for behaviours that lead to desirable outcomes. Customers will earn BAZOOKA tokens for achieving markers, such as greater use and involvement. Promoters will earn BAZOOKA tokens for achievements, higher sales, ratings, timeliness, and more. Corporate partners will receive bigger discounts for higher satisfaction ratings from their customers, sales staff and promoters or better adherence to smart-contract governance. Programmers will earn BAZOOKA tokens for their contributions to BAZOOKA source code based on measurable metrics, such as Github references, library usage in the BAZOOKA code base, and hackathon wins.

Encouragement and Rewards
BAZOOKA customers and other users earn BAZOOKA tokens for being on line, thus
reducing costs associated with marketing activities.

Partnership Access
BAZOOKA ownership will give access to advanced platform features, and special partnership programs will help in integrating big companies and institutional players into the BAZOOKA REWARDS.

Data Sharing
Every time BAZOOKA receives a payment for sales, the
corresponding promoters and sales staff will earn BAZOOKA tokens. BAZOOKA respects the personal details of all clients and will never disclose any information to third parties without consent from the client.

Payable Access to Gift card.
Companies and other enterprises will pay tokens to access benefit from BAZOOKA gift cards.

Use of Funds

The funds collected through the gift card access will cover the expenses of the project until the project starts making profit and
sufficient cash flow to function on its own.
The key expenses for these funds collected are as follows:
● Cost of building BAZOOKA platform
● Staff salaries
● Sales and marketing expenses
● Recruiting, partnership building, and business development
● App development costs

Road Map

The following key objectives are planned to be achieved provided there is enough financing.
● Integrations with other brands
● Completion of BAZOOKA protocol and integration with BAZOOKA app
● Integration of wallet into BAZOOKA app
● Key strategic partnership for BAZOOKA protocol